Palestinian Artists

An artist purpose is to “reflect the times” as Nina Simone says. If we kill off artists who happen to be from marginalized backgrounds, what does that say about who gets the right to not only exist, but express themselves freely?

The right to testify what the world is doing to people like Palestinians, to Black people globally, to trans and queer people, to poor people, to disabled people, to Jewish people, to everyone experiencing violence and persecution. To kill an artist who’s only crime was being Palestinian is not only a deveststing blow to our humanity but it’s also means we have killed off a more accruate telling of the history that’s being made today. Artists show what is going on in the world. When we only allow artists from protected and privileged backgrounds to showcase their art, it leaves out pieces of the puzzle of how we got here in the first place.

  • Please read this article of Palestinian artists i who have been wiped out because of Israel’s leadership and military. Please consider divesting your pay to companies and products that fund the genocide happening to Palestinians like Starbucks, McDonalds, and Disney+.



We have a plague of apathy!

Course rind edges the outside of our bloodstream. Filled with bile, salted soil, and the crap pile in which you find ME. Begging you to stop telling me to look away! 

“Look away young bard, for your heart will shatter over and over until it is dust. Make it like citrus skin, bumped w/ pseudoscience and plastic” 


The Rain has come and it’s time 

to beat it!

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