Weariness Is a Familiar Emotion

Today, a friend of mine reposted this image of a tweet that resonated with me. I want to share my thoughts on it here:

The same can be said for any person from a historically marginalized group of people. I think often of my Black ancestors who had to flee because of the violent law making in this country (which by the way, anti-Black laws are rising just as high transphobic laws). And when ur Trans and Black, these two experiences overlap so often. It’s almost like transphobia and racism can’t exist without each other 🤨. Even with the limited experiences of anti Blackness I’ve experienced in my life, my white presenting body has quite literally saved my life even during instances of violent transphobia. If I wasn’t read as white, I know the things I have survived would have killed me if I didn’t have this privilege. 

As we see more overt transphobic and anti Black laws being passed, we are also witnessing the last cry for help from capitalism and white Cis-hetero patriarchy! They know they are loosing and that the people are winning-they are scared and choosing to be violent .

Now it’s more important than ever to extent outside of yourself and help build communities that are more loving and willing to evolve-communities that prioritize being teachable. I cannot only act on things that only effect me-i need to go outside of myself and my life experience I want to invest in knowledge and praxis that benefits the most vulnerable in our world. I hope u do the same.

I want a future where we don’t need to flee, I want a future where we get the choice to move.

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