Lou Sullivan

30 years ago today, Lou Sullivan passed away due to complications with AIDS. Thank you for what you did with your 39 short years of life. Thank you for guiding my spirit without me even fully knowing. You called to me so many times and I’m so glad I listened. You told me to go to the same spot you sat to write in, in Golden Gate Park-your shirt unbuttoned exposing your newly scared chest to be kissed by the sun. You guided me to go to the same location where you sold your first published book-From Female To Male: The Life of Jack Bee Garland. Thank you for writing about another gay trans man in San Francisco. Because of you, I can get top surgery and still be a gay man. Because of you, I can walk in shoes that fit me. Your footprints embedded a pathway for me and so many other gay transgender men-especially in the Bay Area. I love you Lou, rest easy. 

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