(2020) You Should Get Out More (co-director Joanna Glumm)

(2020) A Place That is New


(2020) Electric-Median directed by Mathew Riutta

(2020) Grip Intern Local 16 on Matrix 4

(2019) Key Grip- Lobster Phone

(2019) Grip PA-MASTERS by Verizon Media


(2019) 13 Reasons Why Season 4 (Costumes)

(2019) Pick of the Litter season 1 with Disney+

(2019) Vinyl Nation dir Kevin Smokler

(2019) Five Minutes From Home with Stephen Curry

(2019) Elf Cosmetics w/ Salesforce

(2019) Equal Rights Advocates w/ Lataj Weaver Productions

(2019) Stanford-Vhil Documentary

(2019) IoT Steen Graham by Intell

(2019) Chevy Social Media

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